new albums

So I have decided to create several new albums in which the main category is the number of shares. The reason is the simple fact that during the past months (almost) none of my photos made it to insights or daily trending nr. 1. The photo I chose for the cover image for this post is the only pic from this year’s Budapest national holiday fireworks series that got more than 10 shares. Apparently among my followers there are lots of hardcore hikers and mountain climbers, and I think also Austrian, mainly from the countryside. Also, few of my Corfu series, which I like very much by the way, made it to daily trending nr. 1 or insights top 12. Consequently, everything but mountain photos resp. alpine landscapes don’t tend to get very many likes… it’s a bit strange…

There will be four new albums: 10+ shares, 15+ shares, 20+ shares and 30+ shares.

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